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Since June 2011 I've been working for Based in central London, toptable is a leading online restaurant booking service which features some of the top restaurants in over 15 countries. Other projects and web solutions I have been involved with:

Adgistics Ltd - February 2010 to June 2011
A software solutions company next to Tower Bridge in London, Adgistics build web based applications that allow companies to keep a tight grip on their brand marketing.

It was a great introduction to enterprise level ASP.NET MVC applications with also a move towards a more lean development approach in order to release high quality code that satisfied client expectations.

Adgistics website - March 2007 to February 2010 are a consumer / comparison website. I initally joined them as a UI developer but was fortunate enough to be mentored and shown ASP.NET (C#) best practices which enabled me to progress to .Net developer.

uSwitch were keen advocates of Agile and SCRUM and were also forerunners in moving across to concepts such as BDD (Behaviour Driven Design) and acceptance testing.

uSwitch website - February 2006 to March 2007
This project involved taking an ASP/XML driven Content Management System and integrating it with a XHTML and CSS design. The CMS was connected to a SQL database and the frontend was populated via an XML feed that used function calls and parameters from the design to pull the correct content into specific areas. This site was developed to meet the W3C AAA (priority 3) standard and pass CSS and XHTML validation tests. Other accessiblity options include: Accesskeys / keyboard shortcuts, scaleable text and tab key navigation.

The bfish website - November 2008
The Daily Pun was a site I created in my own time with the intention of using some new C# and TDD (Test Driven Development) skills. Now taken offline due to work commitments the aim of the site was to post stupid links, funny video clips and other viral media which your friends can then comment on.

All the content on the site was driven via an admin area built in .NET and connecting to a MySQL database. A handy feature of the admin area meant submitted links and comments needed to be read and approved before they were allowed on the live site. The content pages were fully editable using a WYSIWYG editor and the admin area allowed for file and image FTP.

The Daily Pun website - December 2006
A website aimed towards finding schools and courses for overseas students. As lead developer for this project I added the ASP/XML CMS into an existing CSS design. It included various bespoke work that is written using ASP to search courses by school, search courses by city and also contains a module that allows multi-lingual content to be added to existing english articles. It has a third party forum plugged into the members area which uses a MySQL database to allow member registration and member only access to specific pages.

The Live The Lingo website - September 2006
Another CMS website this time designed and produced to a specification written by RCP Consultants Ltd. Extra functionality written into this ASP driven website was a member login and tracking module. This enables the administrator to lock content so it is only accessible to members. Once a member logs into the site, page clicks are added to the SQL database and the administrator can use this data to generate user reports exportable via CSV files.

The RCP Consultants Ltd website - June 2006
Lead developer for this site using an ASP/XML content management system. Built for Business Performance Management an additional feature of this site is that the front end has been integrated with a javascript control to produce a front end that rotates banners and advertisements. The administrator has FTP access so they can upload images to the correct folder using the admin system.

The Business Performance website - March 2006
A community based youth site that specialised in career advice for school children. This was a cross platform website that used an ASP/XML based content management system to produce content but had several ASP.NET 1.1 applications added to the website for billable banner advertisements, user tracking/email management and promotional newsletters.

The B-live website - March 2006
Part of the team responsible for the maintenance and development of the EnergyHelpline website. The concept was a switching website, people entered their gas and/or electricity bill and the site came back with a list of offers that would save the user money. Built using ASP.NET 2.0 and with a front end completely styled using CSS I worked on the front end making sure any updates to the site were cross browser compatible.

The Energyhelpline website

Billboard - October 2005
Billboard was the Force magazine for the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. It was designed and printed by the Force reprographics department, I was responsible for recreating an online version of the magazine. It featured two ColdFusion forms which enabled the public to submit feedback on the featured articles and gave them the ability to enter the 'Caption Competition'.

Online version of the Force Billboard magazine - January 2005
Lead developer for the Devon & Cornwall Police Authority website. Very much substance over style, the site was written using validated XHTML and CSS and also passed the W3C BOBBY test to level AAA (priority 3) standard.

Devon & Cornwall Police Authority website -

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